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Hazardous Waste

Some types of waste are harmful to human health, or to the environment, either immediately or over an extended period of time. These are called hazardous wastes.

Wastes will fall into one of three categories, those that are:

  • Always hazardous
    for example, lead acid batteries or fluorescent tubes.
  • Never hazardous
    for example edible oil
  • May, or may not, be hazardous and need to be assessed
    for example, ink or paint

Should your site produce more than 500kgs of Hazardous Waste in a 12 month period then you must be registered with the Environment Agency - This is a service we can complete on your behalf and once registered this lasts for 12 months.

If you have any queries on your hazardous waste then please call us and we will offer guidance and provide you with the best method of storage, removal and disposal.

Some of the common hazardous wastes we collect are used engine and hydraulic oil, oil filters, batteries, paints, varnishes, contaminated wipes, aerosols, antifreeze and discarded electrical equipment containing hazardous components.


Storage & Transport

We provide a wide range of containers for the safe storage and transport of many types of solid or liquid hazardous wastes.

Why Choose CWS?

  • Best value
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  • Over 70% recycling achieved
  • Close control of your waste spend
  • working towards zero waste to landfill

Whether you are a single site or a national multi venue business we can offer you a solution which will help reduce cost, increase recycling, encourage re-use and avoid where possible disposal to landfill.

By spending time understanding your exact requirements we will provide you with a bespoke solution best suited to meet your individual needs

Free Audit

The only way to identify exactly how to comply with all your legal obligations relating to waste management is to conduct a thorough audit of your current waste output and service.

Countrywide Waste Solutions provides a Free Audit of your businesses waste output.

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